Our Vision

To highlight the convergence and overlaps between organizations, and security.

Our Mission

To train and connect a new generation of security leaders

Our Goal

To connect the community & enhance safety and security from blended risks and threats


"Solving Insecurity in Security"

Converge’s innovative conference highlights the integrations, convergence and overlaps between businesses, organizations, and security industries, and connects attendees with some of the world’s most innovative companies and minds working together for a more secure future.

Converge brings together organizational leaders, security practitioners, and security stakeholders across all verticals in the private sector, public sector, non-profits, law enforcement and academia to collaborate and enhance security from blended risks and threats.


As our economy grows and evolves, security and safety programs are increasingly becoming larger and more complex. How we conduct business, and interact with stakeholders has continued to be redefined and transformed in ways never imagined. With new definitions and transformation comes new classes of vulnerabilities, blended threats and risks. 

Success is not guaranteed when a program grows, adds new capabilities, or receives more funding. Adversaries look to increase their effectiveness by identifying gaps that exist between functional silos, processes, technologies, and teams where deep communication, collaboration, and adequate detection does not occur.


Josh Chin

For over fifteen years, Josh has served as the lead organizer, co-organizer, chair, committee lead, volunteer, and advisor for numerous international, national, and regional conferences, and events connecting upwards of 900 attendees with numerous sponsors and exhibitors in the security and digital forensics community including:

  • HTCIA International Conference
  • BSides Los Angeles
  • ISACA Los Angeles Spring Conference
  • Greater Los Angeles Christmas and Holiday Party